• Many Belgian and foreign students’ university training : PhDs, Diplomas of Specialised (D.E.S.) or Complementary (D.E.C.) Studies, Certificates.
  • Organization of a training group entitled 'Course about Technology and Management Adapted to Ship Building and Maintenance’s Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Developing Countries', financed by the DGCI (alternatively in English and French).
  • Organization of a training program in collaboration with FOREM-FULTRANS, entitled 'Decision-making Aid Tools and Logistics of Transport', for the benefit of directors and executives of the Walloon Region’s transport businesses.
  • Training of the Merchant Navy School of Sousse, Tunisia’s teaching naval department’s staff.
    Palembang Indonesian Centre’s managerial staff Training (Inland and Ferry Navigation), selected for the 11 ASEAN countries.
  • High Institute of Transport and Logistics of Sousse (University of Center), Tunisia’s teaching staff Training.
    Organization of Seminars about transport at UNIMEP University of Piracicaba, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil.