EsquiVanne is a software predimensioning dams mobile navigation specifically designed for the preliminary study phase.

Esquivanne image 2

The software consists of a series of modules, each for one type of valve, and containing a technical and a financial part. The technical design enables an outline of the work by considering some options, such as the number of passes, the method of construction, type of materials, etc..


For valve type valve, an additional tab is added to the calculations appertaining to different cylinders. The estimated cost of the actuator based on the effort and the cylinder stroke is obtained by an analysis of price offers suppliers of actuators.

The price schedule is divided into 11 major positions each subdivided into several posts.
Unit prices may be modified by the user based on knowledge (update, rate specific to the local market ...).


The breakdown of costs in various major posts can highlight the budget allocation.


Finally, a last module in order to compare different configurations tested to reduce the overall cost. For more details, see EsquiVanne



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