Preparing a strong academic team to support the current and future Belgian offshore wind energy sector

Press release – Ostend – 02.07.20

Belgium is one of the frontrunners of offshore wind energy in Europe, with 2.2 GW already installed and new wind energy zones planned. To make sure we keep this position and to support our industry with the latest technology trends, scientific advances and innovative ideas, we need a strong academic home base. This is exactly what the PhairywinD project is offering.

Our Belgian offshore wind zones are already well established, with the last zone (Seamade) currently under development. A second big zone is foreseen in the new Marine Spatial Plan, covering the Fairybank, Noordhinder Zuid & Noordhinder Noord, and is expected to be developed from 2024 onwards, putting Belgium even more on the European offshore wind map. The PhairywinD project will run for 5 years and sits exactly in the middle of these two big waves of Belgian offshore wind development.

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MAXWind – MAintenance, Inspection and EXploitation Optimization of Offshore Wind Farms subjected to Corrosion-Fatigue
Number of partners: 4
Coordinator: University of Ghent
Project type: Fundamental research
Start date: 01/03/2020
Duration: 4 years
Budget: 2.222.915 €
Funded by the Energy Transition Fund (ETF)






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Professor Jeom Kee Paik FREng

Professor of Safety Design and Engineering at Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering Department, Pusan National University and Distinguished Professor of Marine Technology, University College London.

Jeom Kee Paik is Director of the Korea Ship and Offshore Research Institute, which has been a Lloyd’s Register Foundation Research Centre of Excellence since 2008. Professor Paik has made outstanding contributions to international maritime community. He is Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Ships and Offshore Structures journal.

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