Software for analyzing the impact of ships on offshore wind turbines and maritime and river structures.

The evaluation of the consequences linked to the collision of boats on offshore wind turbines as well as on river and maritime infrastructures, such as lock gates, has become a necessary step in order to have the required authorizations to install / build them ( see impact study). This is not formally a legal or regulatory obligation, but a requirement imposed in the specifications.

In addition, such studies require the use of specific and powerful tools to quickly assess hundreds / thousands of scenarios. Current tools (nonlinear finite element software) require too much time. On the contrary, the superelements method allows such analyzes to be carried out in a few minutes, hence the possibility of dealing with a large number of scenarios. The objective is therefore to propose the industrialization of this method by putting on the market user-friendly software, which will be used (services) by DN&T, SNE, AC&CS.

Supervisor : Prof.Philippe Rigo

Researchers : SARA EcheverryMarquez LucasWarnotte Renaud

Funding :  RW - GREENWIN - Plan MARSHAL: 2021-2023

Partners DN&T, SBE, AC&CS (CRM), HELMO


Total project duration

Start of project:  January 2021

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