EMSHIP Advisory Board (SAB Meeting composed in Industrial partners),13th Feb Paris.
and the
EMSHIP AWARD, awarded by Bureau Veritas (To Mr Patalong for outstanding master thesis), 13th Feb Paris.

Graduation ceremony, 1st EMSHIP Cohort (19 students), 16th Feb 2012, Nantes.






Visiting Professors (Scholars) for EMSHIP

Master Course in “Advanced Ship Design”

Academic year 2011-2012 until 2014-2015

We are looking for visiting professors for the EMSHIP European Education Program (, which provides high education in Naval Architecture and Ship Design by advanced courses in: Ship Technology; Ship Structure; Ship Hydrodynamics; Ship Design and Research activities. 


11th International Conference on

Computer Applications and Information Technology in the Maritime Industries


Bedford Hotel, Liege, Belgium, 16-18 april 2012

The conference offers a unique opportunity to update your knowledge about the state of the art in IT applications in shipbuilding and ship operation, present your progress, bring together employers and would-be employees.



13 Th until 14 Th SEPTEMBER 2011 - New Orleans USA - in the framework of the PIANC Report nr 106 - INCOM WG 29

PDF1 Download the PDF : WORKSHOP PROCEEDING - Abstract

PDF1 Download the PDF : WORKSHOP PROCEEDING - Presentations (ALL IN 1)

Or you can have access to each presentations indivually:

P1-1 NEWBERY - Design of the Panama Third Line


P2-2 THORENZ- New Lock type

P2-3 Stockstill - Innovation_Lock_Systems

P2-3 STOCKSTILL- Innovation_Lock_Systems

P2-4 MILLER - Construction Methods


P3-2 Daniel Augustijn - Synthetic Materials

P3-3 DANIEL R - New Mat Systems

P3-4 HOLM - BODEFELD - Lock Equipment

P3-4b HOLM - Underwater Scanning

P3-5- Pechtold - Project Reviews WG29

P4-1 WONG J - Panama Canal Design Maintenability

P4-1b Congress 2012 Congress (J WONG)

P4-2 RIGO - Challenges for Tomorrow

P4-2a RIGO - Challenges for Tomorrow

P4-2b Boedefeld

P5-1 DEMULDER VANTORRE- Mooring forces and vessel beh

P5-2 Wu Peng - Mooring forces and vessel beh

P5-2 WU PENG- Mooring forces and vessel

P5-3 ROUX S - Mooring forces and vessel behaviour

P5-4 THORENZ - Ship_beheviour_in_locks

P5-5 VELDMAN - Mooring forces and vessel beh

P5-5 VELDMAN Experience-in-The-Netherlands

P5-6 STOCKSTILL - Mooring Forces

P5-7 KWOK - Innovation Canada

P5-7 KWOK - Innovations in Canada.pdf

P6-1 SAS M - Salinity and Locks.pdf

P6-2- VANTORRE_PiancNewOrleans.pdf

PDF1 Download the PDF :   PANAMA 2012 CONFERENCE APRIL 2012

You can also access to the proceedings of the previous PIANC WORKSHOP on LOCKS (Brussels 2009)

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